This past winter, Cabinet Magazine began the Intern Initiative program, in order to reach out to and provide opportunities for unpaid interns at non-profit cultural institutions in New York City. (There are many of us..)

Cabinet is one of the most innovative and exciting organizations in NYC, and a perfect venue to explore two passions in my life: health and fine art.

The reception for Materia, which I organized in collaboration with fellow artist, and friend Matthew C. Wilson will be on Friday, April 23 from 6-8pm.

Hana Marie Newman and Rick Arthur Wray, Caroline Woolard and Bert Woolard, Steve Gurysh and Nancy Crooks, Jana Flynn and Eve Ekman, Liz Linden and Elizabeth Milbank, David Schafer and Michelle Stroebe, Jess Ramsay and Alison Ramsay, Greg Lindquist and Nicolas Preitner, Suzanne Stroebe and Teresa Au, Matthew C. Wilson and Saul Melman. Cabinet Magazine, Intern Initiative Program, Health, Medicine, Fine Art, Performance, sound, sculpture, installation, interdisciplinary, collaborations, collaborative, progressive, innovative


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