Never Underestimate a Monochrome


Many thanks to Mariángeles Soto-Díaz for including me in this project, Never Underestimate a Monochrome

Meant to activate the poetic, political and performative registers of the monochrome, Never Underestimate a Monochrome (2012) is a conceptual project conceived and organized by Mariángeles Soto-Díaz in a collaborative partnership with the University of Iowa Museum of Art.

Artists from different parts of the world interpreted instructions written by Soto-Díaz, and provided documentation of their monochrome performance for a digital archival space, bringing the textual, embodied and mediated aspects of the monochrome into dialogue. The collective event ocurred over the summer of 2012 across the globe, defying the logic of the event as necessarily bound to a singular physical and temporal space.

never underestimate a monochrome,Batchelor, David (Scotland/UK) Chapela, Emilio (Mexico) Corder, Jason (Kenya) Davidovich, Jaime (Argentina) Dubner, Bruno (Argentina) Duran, Maria Jose (Chile/USA) Faruqee, Anoka (USA) Fisher, Stacy (USA) Friedman, Ken (Australia) Golkar, Babak (Canada) Grabner, Michelle (USA) Gruner, Billy / Keighery, Sarah (Australia) Hallard, Brent (Japan/USA) Harland, Beth (UK) Harlow, Lynne (USA) Hettmansperger, Sue (USA) Odita, Odili Donald (Nigeria) Okura, Naoshi (Japan/Sweden) Peisajovich, Karina 1 / 2 (Argentina) Pineapple Park (Australia) Roberts, Dai (UK) Sami, Huseyin (Australia) Sanchez, Lizi (Peru/UK) Sbrissa, Claudia (Canada/Italy/USA) Stroebe, Suzanne (USA) Tabatabai, Hadi (Iran/USA) Tibayan, Sherwin (Philippines/USA) Witmer, Douglas 1 / 2 / 3 (USA) Zabala, Horacio (Argentina) Zarate, Patricia (Colombia/USA)


monochrome, pink monochrome, monochrome painting, never underestimate a monochrome, mariangeles soto diaz

website designed by David Rogers and Matt Willemsen


Batchelor, David (Scotland/UK)
Chapela, Emilio (Mexico)
Corder, Jason (Kenya)
Davidovich, Jaime (Argentina)
Dubner, Bruno (Argentina)
Duran, Maria Jose (Chile/USA)
Faruqee, Anoka (USA)
Fisher, Stacy (USA)
Friedman, Ken (Australia)
Golkar, Babak (Canada)
Grabner, Michelle (USA)
Gruner, Billy / Keighery, Sarah (Australia)
Hallard, Brent (Japan/USA)
Harland, Beth (UK)
Harlow, Lynne (USA)
Hettmansperger, Sue (USA)
Odita, Odili Donald (Nigeria)
Okura, Naoshi (Japan/Sweden)
Peisajovich, Karina 1 / 2 (Argentina)
Pineapple Park (Australia)
Roberts, Dai (UK)
Sami, Huseyin (Australia)
Sanchez, Lizi (Peru/UK)
Sbrissa, Claudia (Canada/Italy/USA)
Stroebe, Suzanne (USA)
Tabatabai, Hadi (Iran/USA)
Tibayan, Sherwin (Philippines/USA)
Witmer, Douglas 1 / 2 / 3 (USA)
Zabala, Horacio (Argentina)
Zarate, Patricia (Colombia/USA)


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